Rain Flows Thru, Leaves Stay Out

Leaf Shifter

Leaf Shifter sheds leaves and debris, filters and moves rain water, and protects against disease-carrying Mosquitoes and other bugs better than any other gutter protection on the market.

Leaf Shifter is the complete eco-friendly gutter protection that you need to have on your home. It is durable, long lasting, affordable and is a very easy homeowner installation."

house with leafshifter installed

Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastics, Leaf Shifter is the most Green Gutter Protection product on the market.  We melt millions of cubic feet of Water bottles, Milk cartons and other PET plastics that would otherwise end up in a land fill and extrude it into a fiber filter mesh that gives it new life as a productive Home Improvement Product.

Leaf Shifter is an ideal product for homeowner Installation as no special skills or tools are required. (only a pair of scissors or a knife). Click here for safety and Installation Instructions.

mosquitoUnprotected gutters are breeding grounds for Mosquitoes. Leaf Shifter prevents Mosquitoes from colonizing and breeding in your gutters.

Leaf Shifter is sturdy and secure, with a strong adhesive strip that attaches it tightly to the gutter or fascia. It is made slightly wider than the width of the gutter, so it forms a tight and secure seal, becoming a strong, debris resistant, rainwater filtering, Mosquito shield over your gutters.

Leaf Shifter contains a germicidal for anti bacterial growth, a flame retardant, and a UV stabilizer to prevent deterioration from the effects of the sun.

Leaf Shifter can prevent your gutter from being an anchor for ice that can then build up onto your roof and cause ice damming and other issues. 

Leaf Shifter comes with a 5 Year No-Clog Warranty, but with an operational life of much longer than that.

Leaf Shifter does not impede the flow of water through the gutter.It can be installed flat across the gutter or with a slight forward slope. Either way it will not be a distraction to the curb appeal of your home.

Leaf Shifter is available for all styles and sizes for Residential and Commercial Gutters, The 5k size (the most common size in the USA and Canada) is sold in easy-to-handle four foot sections.


Not comfortable with climbing a ladder to clean gutters and  install Leaf Shifter yourself? Let us find a local professional contractor for you.

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